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are larry and jennifer and I the only ones on here? 

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Judi: I have added some new puzzles to my web site (I think most of them came from you!!)


any interest?




LOL  I think most on page 4 5 6  did come from me..Also you sent me the drug store one and the cats one, so you can remove them.  I have some more ready for you.  you ready for more?  I need some americana ones...what you got like that?

Hi, Judi:

No, no others at the moment. 

Look at this site:  http://gotpuzzles.tribe.net/


Maybe some new traders there....



I've done one swap and am interested in more.  I'll post pictures soon hopefully.  I'm particularly interesting in swapping multiple puzzles at once (save on postage).
I have 6-7 to swap...do you like americana?  I have pics on here   please add ours pics..I would be happy to ship multiple also
just posted 3 new puzzles, ralph



I registered a while ago but have not swapped any yet. Would love to if you are keen especially in the winter months.

i have some to swap..post pics of yours  I like americana especially


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