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Saguaro Dude Ranch - Hometown Collection - 1000 - Heronim

Fun Puzzle!  A little different theme than most Americana puzzles.

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yes yes i love this...wanna swap?  I have a new hometown that I just finished
Sure Judi!  Did you get the big box of puzzles I sent?  I a whole bunch of puzzles I thought you'd like this past Saturday via parcel post, so if you haven't gotten it yet, maybe tomorrow or Saturday?  I'll save these two for you and I think we'll have another one completed by the end of this weekend you will like also.
I have not received the puzzles.  Maybe I will get them today.  That would be fine.  Are you interested in the two that I posted.  I also have another one that I just finished. 
guess y ou say your message.  I was blown away by what you sent!!  thank you so much.  I mailed you three on friday               Judi



We just finished our first puzzle and are looking to swap to save money.


Our one and only puzzle to swap is a 1000 peice Van Gogh- Blue Skies  - here is a link of what it is :



We aren't picky of the puzzle as long as its 1000 peices.


You can email if you like : Cope1977@yahoo.com



CM Gomo,


You should post your puzzle in the main forum.  Just use the "+Add" button.  People usually put the name and piece count in the title.  That way everyone can see your puzzle and maybe you'll find someone to swap with.  Also, check out Larry's page at jigsawpuzzletrader.homestead.com he has loads of 1000 piece puzzles to swap.  Judi and I mainly stick to the Americana puzzles, but there are others we like too.


Good Luck!




I thought I was posting in the main forum  Di d that last one not get in the right place?  I used the add button
Judi, the post you are referring to was addressed to CM Gomo, not to you.  You're puzzle posts have been correct.


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